‘Stealth Comp’ *Suppressor* 9mm 147 Grain Ammunition, Copper-Plated, Reman, 130 Power-Factor Match Load -SUBSONIC- Ships Same Day


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Competition Optimized 147 grain Subsonic 9mm Ammo

Velocity890 FPS (5.03″ Barrel)

Power Factor – 890fps X 147gr → 130 PF

Overall Length1.145 Inches

Remanufactured 9×19 Parabellum (9mm Luger) Minor Power-Factor Competition Ammo. Ideal for USPSA matches and training alike, this round is optimized for reducing felt recoil and muzzle climb, and guaranteed to meet power-factor requirements.

Loaded with VihtaVuori N320, the ultimate in competition handgun shooting powders, this is a clean and accurate round. N320 is premium, clean and fast burning, single base powder. Paired with CCI Primers, and loaded with Copper-Plated .356 diameter 147 grain projectiles, this is a consistent and pleasant shooting 9mm load suitable for both training and match use.

  • Subsonic – ideal for suppressor use
  • Rounded Projectile – superior semi-automatic reliability
  • Reduced Felt Recoil and Muzzle Climb – fast follow ups and splits
  • Clean Burning – minimal wear and fouling

We ship same day, if possible based on when your order is placed. If your order is placed after approximately 12:30 eastern time,  your order may ship the next day. This ammunition is shipped in bulk packaging.

Additional information

Number of Rounds

1000, 200, 400

Projectile Type

147 Grain – Hi-Tek Coating