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This is the Heavy Duty version of the Mag Double. It is secured with a set of screws and nuts which lock it up tight around your magazines.

The Mag Double allows you to combine two magazines into one larger capacity magazine. It doesn’t just hold two magazines together for a faster reload, it actually allows you to feed two magazines worth of rounds from one magazine assembly.

Assembly is easy, you simply remove the baseplates from your magazines, and then the locking plates from the ends of the springs. Clip the two springs togeather with the included replacement locking plate, then lock the two magazines together with the Mag Double. Tighten down the front, and you’re ready to rock.

The Mag Double allows you to easily create a rigid and reliable 60 round magazine from two 30 round magazines.Or mix and match 10s, 20s, 30s, you know, whatever you want.

This version fits AK/AKM PMAGS. For other versions, click here.  These Mag Doubles have been manufactured with 3D printing technology.

Assembly Tip:
AK Magazine springs are longer and stiffer than AR springs, so Mag Double assembly can be a bit more difficult. Click here to watch an assembly video.
Tighten down the screws until you reach a moderate resistance. There will still be a gap in the front of the Mag Double. Don’t tighten past the point where the screws extend all the way out of the holes on the other side.