MP-A2 ‘Competition’ Radial Delay Subgun


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Product Description

The MP-A2 subgun is an extremely soft shooting, ergonomic pistol caliber carbine. It meets and exceeds it’s peers in the realm of controllability and ease of use. This Competition version pushes the envelope even farther. With a custom manufactured and tuned long stroke buffer system that bleeds off more recoil energy, it’s the softest shooting 9mm available. Less recoil, lower muzzle climb, and shorter split times.

Featuring the CMMG Radial Delay action, an increased length of travel recoil stroke, and a hydraulic buffer, these subguns deliver on the ergonomics and adaptability of the AR platform while providing unmatched speed and control.

As these firearms are built custom and test fired, please allow one to three weeks for shipping.

Product Specs

Caliber: 9x19mm
Magazines: MP5 Style
Barrel: 1:10 Twist, 5″ or 8″ 4140 Chrome Moly w/ Nitride
Threaded: 1/2×28 RH
Muzzle Device: VG6 Gamma 9mm
Action: Radial Delay Blowback, Custom Extended Stroke Recoil Buffer Assembly, Hydraulic Buffer
Ergonomics: Short-throw Ambi Safety, MOE+ Grip, Armaspec Victory Charging-handle

Please note that MP5 style magazines can be picky about feeding flat nosed rounds, depending on length and exact shape. Polymer ETS magazines fit snug, so they need significant work to fit and feed. The MP-A2 ships with a KCI magazine. Any magazine built to standard metal MP5 mag specs will function correctly.

Additional information

Barrel Config.

5 Inch Barrel (Backorder 4-6 Weeks), 8 Inch Barrel, 16 Inch Barrel (Backorder 4-6 Weeks)

Handguard Config.

5 Inch Handguard, 5 Inch Handguard w/ Grip, 7 Inch Handguard, 7 Inch Handguard w/ Manta Defense Cover, 7 Inch Handguard w/ Grip, 15 Inch Handguard (Preorder)

Safety Config.

Black Ambi Safety, Red Ambi Safety