Rex Silentium SEG 22


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The SEG represents the evolution of many unique development cycles to find the intersection of suppression, simplicity and economy. Configurable into one of three lengths, no special tools needed for maintenance or reconfiguration. A common 3/4″ wrench or socket is all that is needed. Built from hardened 17-4 Stainless Steel (190KSI tensile strength) and 7075 Aluminum, it can take a hell of a beating. Did we mention quiet? In its full length configuration it is impressively quiet across the full range of 22 and 17 caliber rimfire cartridges.

Why segments? Mission Configuration of course!

The primary segment is engraved at the very back giving it maximum survivability in the event of a baffle strike or other failure. The first two baffles are hardened 17-4 stainless steel as these baffles take the brunt of the high velocity gasses and abrasion from carbon. These stainless steel baffles protect the aluminum baffles that follow them. With proper service and baffle rotations, the SEG suppressor with provide a lifetime of hearing protection. A 100% no-fault lifetime warranty comes standard, as with all of our products.

For best and critical suppression, use the shortest barrel available with standard velocity 22LR. Keep it clean and remember that after cleaning use some ablative gel (petroleum jelly or similar) on all internal parts before reassembly. The wipe can easily be replaced as a repair item by you or a gunsmith.

According to current BATFE guidance, repairing the wipe by direct replacement is allowed but making and keeping spares is NOT! Contact your legal counsel and or the NFA branch of BATFE for more information. We do not sell replacement wipes.

Key features:

  • Rated for: 22LR, 22WMR, 17HMR, 17WSM, 5.7×28 (no barrel length restrictions)
  • Configuration Lengths: 6.75″, 4.5″, 2.25″
  • Configurations Weights: 5.3oz, 4.2oz, 3.1oz
  • Hardened 17-4 SS Primary Segment (hardened to 190,000 PSI tensile strength) takes all the extreme abrasion and high pressures
  • 2ea Hardened 17-4 SS baffles help protect the 6ea aluminum baffles from extreme abrasion
  • Baffles seal to each other to minimize carbon buildup in the segments (easy disassembly for cleaning)
  • Repairable High-Strength High-Temperature Silicone Rubber Cap Wipe (McMaster-Carr item 5787T63 and Punch 3427a17)
  • Full Auto rated for 22LR
  • Easy to service and reconfigure
  • Easy to own
  • 100% no-fault warranty, valid across the known universe and until the end of time
  • Won’t break the bank