Roosevelt 12 Shotgun Silencer

Introducing the world’s first practical shotgun suppressor: the Roosevelt 12.

Product Page:

Shotguns are the most adaptable firearms available, pulling duty as multi-purpose hunting guns, clay busters, and home defenders. No matter the task, it’s important to protect your ears, and the ears of those around you. Before now, in exchange for sound suppression you had to compromise on weight and handling. No longer.

The Roosevelt 12 is a completely titanium shotgun silencer. Weighing in at only 12.9 oz, it’s light enough for any application, be it a long trek through the woods, or a quick swing when your target is small and fast. It’s nimble enough for use with birdshot, and it’s tough enough to handle buckshot and slugs, even in rapid fire on your short barrel shotgun. The Roosevelt 12 performs great with all standard ammunition, and even better with subsonic sporting loads, readily available from manufacturers including Winchester and Federal.

The Roosevelt 12 attaches to your shotgun with a choke tube adapter that threads in like a removable choke. Without an adapter, the Roosevelt 12 has M22x.75 threads, allowing it to be attached directly to Saiga-style barrels. Currently, choke adapters are available for Remchoke (standard on 870s, 1100s, and 1187s) and Winchoke (used in most Winchesters, Brownings, and Mossbergs, aka accu-choke). One of your choice is included with the Roosevelt 12. More adapters are coming soon.

Roosevelt 12 Specs

Weight: 12.9 oz

Length: 10.5″

Diameter: 2″

Material: Titanium

Shot: Any Standard Ammo

Sound Attenuation: ~20dB

Barrel Length Restrictions: None

Full Auto Rated: Yep


MSRP is $1199, with an introductory sale price of $799. The Roosevelt 12 is backed by our no-questions-asked 100% lifetime warranty. Plus, if you’re not satisfied, return it for a full refund.

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.”
-Theodore Roosevelt

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