Mag Double P3

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This Mag Double fits Gen 3 PMAGs. For the version that fits Gen 2 PMAGs, click here.

The Mag Double allows you to combine two magazines into one larger capacity magazine. It doesn’t just hold two magazines together for a faster reload, it actually allows you to feed two magazines worth of rounds from one magazine assembly.

Assembly is easy, you simply remove the baseplates from your magazines and then lock them together with the Mag Double, no tools required. You don’t need to modify the magazines in any way, and you can combine them or revert them back to their normal configuration in under a minute.

The Mag Double allows you to easily create a rigid and reliable 60 round magazine from two 30 round magazines you have lying around, or a monster 80 rounder from two 40 round magazines.

–This Mag-Double fits Gen 3 PMAGs–

NOTICE: The Gen 3 PMAG locking plate (pictured below) does not slide freely when used inside a Mag Double’d magazine. To assemble the Mag Double, you remove the locking plate from one of the two springs. In the case of the Mag Double P3, you will need to replace the remaining locking plate with the locking plate from a Gen 2 PMAG.

These Mag Doubles have been manufactured with 3D printing technology.

Check out the video below to see the assembly and a test fire of the Mag Double.

If the securing clip won’t pop into place easily, a dab of your favorite gun lube will help.

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